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Royal Udaipur RR GL: Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues

This book is about the 'Royal Rolls-Royce of Udaipur, Rajasthan'. The 1924 Rolls-Royce Tourer 20 HP (bearing chassis no. GLK 21) was purchased by His Highness Maharana Bhupal Singh of Udaipur in 1936. She was procured primarily to serve as a source of parts for another Rolls-Royce 20 HP (chassis no. 42 GO), a favourite of Maharana Bhupal Singh. Soon after RR GLK 21 arrived in Udaipur, her engine was removed and fitted in RR 42 GO. Then World War II happened and RR GLK 21 became victim to the ravages of time. From 1940s to the end of the last millennium, she lay forgotten in the Zenana Mahal at the City Palace, Udaipur. In 1999, Shriji Arvind Singh of Mewar decided to have her restored. After a restoration process that took around eight years, RR GLK 21 was finally resurrected and assumed pride of place in the Udaipur Palace Motor Garage. It was as if RR GLK 21, which had been bought purely as a source of spare parts for RR GO 42, was now making a miraculous comeback by 'rising from the ashes like the phoenix'. RR GLK 21 has been the star at several prestigious events and has received extensive coverage in both the print and electronic media. The magnificent lady created history in August 2012 by becoming the first ever Indian entry to receive the Lucius Beebe Trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. What a life, what a story.

yazar:Anu Vikram Singh Bob Rupani Gautam Sen
Isbn 10:1935677276
Isbn 13:978-1935677277
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:26.09 x 2.41 x 29.72 cm
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Royal Udaipur RR GL: Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues:
4 Şubat 2013