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Practical Household Uses of Salt: Home Cures, Recipes, Everyday Hints and Tips

This title offers home cures, recipes, everyday hints and tips. It is a celebration of one of nature's most powerful ingredients and how to use it for health and in cooking. It includes a brief history of salt, its industrial uses and importance in customs, religions and rituals. It is a guide to the medicinal benefits of this essential mineral, such as taking salt baths, gargling salt and swimming in salt water. How to cook with salt while maintaining a well-balanced diet, with recipes for meat and fish, salt crusts, sauces, seasonings and bread, and preserving fruit and vegetables. We cannot do without salt - every living creature needs the essential sodium in salt. Historically, salt has been the cause of wars, uprising and revolutions. It has been used as money, and has been a powerful force in the economic rise and fall of civilizations. This book explores the history and uses of salt, proving that it is much more than just a white granular substance you sprinkle from a salt cellar on to your food. In Roman times, it was so highly valued that soldiers were paid in salt - which is where we get the word 'salary' from. Salt also has many important industrial uses, such as producing plastics, bleaching cotton and linen, disinfecting water, manufacturing glass, curing leather and making paper. Last but not least, salt is invaluable in cooking - when used in moderation - and the book contains a range of recipes for smoked and cured meat, cheeses, breads, preserved fruit and vegetables, and tasty sauces and seasonings. There is a guide to the salt content of processed foods, and an explanation of the problems that can be caused by eating too much salt.

yazar:Margaret Briggs
Isbn 13:978-1780192345
yayınevi:Southwater; New edition
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:11.63 x 1.52 x 23.88 cm
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Practical Household Uses of Salt: Home Cures, Recipes, Everyday Hints and Tips:
16 Ocak 2013
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