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The Lighthouse Cookbook

Bestselling cookbook author Anita Stewart presents a delicious selection of recipes from the keepers of British Columbia's lighthouses. From the traditional Clam Chowder and Apple Pie, to such gourmet creations as Mussels in Wild Mushrooms and Jalapeno Jelly, the dishes contradict the myth of rough living and near starvation on the isolated light stations. They are, however, uniformly simple; when food supplies are only available occasionally by helicopter, lighthouse chefs must be inventive about using materials at hand. This produces an emphasis on garden vegetables, wild edible plants and berries, and, of course, BC's prodigious variety of seafood! The recipes are interspersed with fascinating anecdotes of life on the lights.

yazar:Anita Stewart
Isbn 10:1550171038
Isbn 13:978-1550171037
yayınevi:Harbour Publishing
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:16.51 x 1.91 x 24.13 cm
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The Lighthouse Cookbook:
10 Mayıs 1994
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