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2019 Friends Calendar- teNeues Grid Calendar- Animal Calendar- 30 x 30 cm

12 pictures of Cats and Dogs who are friends! 30 x 30 cm (opened 30 x 60 cm) 6-language calendar Calendar grid includes lunar phases International public holidays Shrink-wrapped In this 2019 Calendar, we present the peaceful side of the dog and cat relationship. Cute kittens and puppies seem to be free from prejudice and obviously enjoy being together!! Heartwarming images for each month of the year. For lovers of both animals, this animal calendar is just right! The eyecatching calendar hangs to a length of 30 x 60 cm when opened, which makes it even more striking. The upper half displays the monthly image and in the lower half there is a 6-lingual calendar grid displaying public holidays etc., with plenty of room for important dates and events. In the lower right hand corner there are free lines for notes, so not only will you see a beautiful image each month but also you will be organized! This calendar is perfect for Cat and Dog Fans and is also ideal as a gift. The publishing team wishes you much pleasure with this calendar for 2019!

yazar:teNeues Calendars & Stationery
yayınevi:teNeues Calendars & Stationery
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:30 x 30 x 30 cm
Tarafından gönderildi 2019 Friends Calendar- teNeues Grid Calendar- Animal Calendar- 30 x 30 cm:15 Mayıs 2018