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2018 Kim Anderson Poster Calendar- teNeues Photography Calendar - 48 x 64 cm

Kim Anderson Poster Calendar 2018 Spiral binding 12 pictures Laminated cover Format: 48 x 64 cm Protected by polybag Kim Anderson is known worldwide for his children photography, which aims at reflecting the adult world in an affectionate and kittenish way. His images throw the viewer back into his own past, enabling moments of being a child again and remembering good times whilst growing up. Through the relaxed way in which the children interact with the camera, an atmosphere of easiness and vitality is brought to your home. Poster format wall calendar, showcasing a stunning image each month. The calendar has a dateline across the bottom, so that the focus is on the monthly image. With spiral binding, the calendar can simply attach to the wall and pages can be turned with ease! A real eye-catcher, brightening any room! Measures 48 x 64 cm. The team of teNeues wishes you pleasure with this teNeues calendar 2018, whether you keep it for yourself or give as a gift!!

yazar:teNeues Calendars & Stationery
yayınevi:teNeues Calendars & Stationery
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:48 x 48 x 64 cm
Tarafından gönderildi 2018 Kim Anderson Poster Calendar- teNeues Photography Calendar - 48 x 64 cm:1 Ağustos 2017