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Isbn 10: 0575082143

Isbn 13: 978-0575082144

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Kitap açıklaması

'Be warned. This book has no literary merit whatsoever. It is a lurid piece of nonsense, convoluted, implausible, peopled by unconvincing characters, written in drearily pedestrian prose, frequently ridiculous and wilfully bizarre. Needless to say, I doubt you'll believe a word of it.' So starts the extraordinary tale of Edward Moon, detective, his silent sidekick the Somnambulist and a devilish plot to recreate the apocalyptic prophecies of William Blake and bring the British Empire crashing down. With a gallery of vividly grotesque characters, a richly evoked setting and a playful highly literate style this is an amazingly readable literary fantasy and a brilliant debut.

yazar :Jonathan Barnes
Isbn 10 :0575082143
Isbn 13 :978-0575082144
Sayfa sayısı :288 sayfa
yayınevi :Gollancz
Tarafından gönderildi The Somnambulist:10 Ocak 2008