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Isbn 10: 383657537X

Isbn 13: 978-3836575379

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In Animals, we discover a different side to the famed photographer who skillfully explores animals' complex relationship with humans and the environment. Tenderness abounds, particularly in scenes of unkempt street dogs sleeping contentedly next to a human. But there's also a kind of essential solitude, with animals belonging to no one and simply wandering through life with only their survival instincts to guide them. We witness camels caught in the crossfire during the first Gulf War; a shepherd from Northern Pakistan tenderly feeding his goats; Beverly Hills designer dogs; race horses on a Hong Kong rooftop; elephants in Thailand, and more images selected by McCurry from his vast archives. Through McCurry's lens, we discover an appreciation for each creature's beauty and silent dignity. This kaleidoscopic collection is at once a beautiful travelogue and a touching tribute to the creatures who share our planet.Soon also available in two signed and limited Art Editions, each with a signed print.

yazar :Reuel Golden Steve McCurry Reuel Golden
Isbn 10 :383657537X
Isbn 13 :978-3836575379
yayınevi :Taschen
dil :Çok Dilli
Boyutlar ve boyutlar :24,1 x 3,2 x 33,7 cm
Tarafından gönderildi Steve McCurry - Animals:2019