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A history of knowledge The best infographics from the National Geographic archives Back in the days when the information age was a distant dream and the world a more mysterious place, National Geographic began its mission to reveal the wonders of history, popular science, and culture to eager audiences around the globe. Since that 1888 launch, the world has changed; empires have risen and crumbled and a galaxy of information is today only the click of a mouse away. But National Geographic endures; its calm, authoritative voice is respected as ever amid the surfeit of data in our daily lives. In this new anthology, TASCHEN and National Geographic gather the magazine s best infographics of the past 128 years. Through seven sections History, The Planet, Being Human, Animal World, World of Plants, Science and Technology, and Space we encounter the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the mysterious origins of the Easter Island statues, Cleopatra s Alexandria and a history of Hawaiian surfboarding, all distilled in expert, accessible graphic form. We discover how our genetic patterns have been pieced together over the years or how hip-hop emerged as a cultural heavyweight; we get to grips with global warming, and explore our ever-expanding study of an ever-expanding universe. With an essay by Nigel Holmes, charting the evolution of National Geographic over the decades and its pioneering use of graphics, as well as four fold-outs mimicking original pull-outs or inserts in the magazine, the book stands as a defining record of one of the world s best-known publications as much as it is a beautifully presented repository of discovery and learning. Visualizing the histories, facts, and figures that make up our planet and our species, National Geographic Infographics is as true to the magazine s original mission as ever an anchor of knowledge and a wunderkammer of wisdom.Text in English, French, and German

yazar :Julius Wiedemann
Isbn 10 :9783836545952
Isbn 13 :978-3836545952
yayınevi :Taschen
dil :Çok Dilli
Boyutlar ve boyutlar :25,4 x 5,7 x 38,1 cm
ASİN :3836545950
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