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Isbn 13: 978-1531660604

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Although the fact is seldom recognized, Jews have been a part of the American experience since the early colonial days. They brought to these shores skills and traditions that America has welcomed and rewarded. They have made major contributions to this country's social, scientific, and cultural fabric. Despite their small numbers, the Jews of Rhode Island can claim two governors and many lawyers, physicians, scientists, manufacturers, businessmen, artists, and educators in state history. The Jews of Rhode Island 1658-1958 is the first comprehensive pictorial history of the Rhode Island Jewish experience. It provides a broad sweep of the first 300 years of Jewish history in Rhode Island beginning with the very first Jewish settlers in Newport in 1658 and includes images of their lives in all parts of the state.

yazar :Geraldine S. Foster Eleanor F. Horvitz Judith Weiss Cohen
Isbn 10 :1531660606
Isbn 13 :978-1531660604
yayınevi :Arcadia Publishing Library Editions
dil :İngilizce
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