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Isbn 13: 978-0028307930

McGraw-Hill Education HORIZONS LEVEL B STUDENT WORKB: 3 djvu


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Kitap açıklaması

Horizons is an innovative program for teaching reading that provides solid, systematic instruction using proven Direct Instruction techniques, updated with current research on beginning reading. A unique instructional sequence incorporates word attack, story reading, comprehension exercises, spelling and independent work on a daily basis to ensure success. Levels A, B, and Fast Track A-B build a solid foundation for fluency and comprehension by systematically teaching phonemic awareness and phonics. Fast Track C-D expands key decoding and vocabulary skills while developing higher order thinking and comprehension strategies.

yazar :McGraw-Hill Education
Isbn 10 :0028307933
Isbn 13 :978-0028307930
yayınevi :GLENCOE SECONDARY; Pck basım
dil :İngilizce
Tarafından gönderildi HORIZONS LEVEL B STUDENT WORKB: 3:2 Kasım 1999
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