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Isbn 10: 0766806030

Isbn 13: 978-0766806030

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Kitap açıklaması

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting demonstrates the efficient use of certain electrical meters to troubleshoot relay-logic circuits with a single setting. Today, a generation of electronic meters is available to test voltage and continuity without changing the setting of the meter or de-energizing the circuit. Careful attention has been given to safety procedures throughout the book. Traditional troubleshooting techniques have not kept pace with this equipment though. Users of this comprehensive guide will find up-to-date information for safely and efficiently locating problems and then troubleshooting online. Multimeters, clamp-on meters, ammeters, megohmmeters, proximity voltage meters, hand-held oscilloscopes and other meters are thoroughly discussed as plant electrical troubleshooting tools. This book concentrates on both safety and efficiency to achieve the ultimate goal of savings through the reduction of lost production time.

yazar :Lynn Lundquist
Isbn 10 :0766806030
Isbn 13 :978-0766806030
yayınevi :Delmar Cengage Learning; Collector's basım
dil :İngilizce
Tarafından gönderildi Endustriyel Elektrik Sorun Giderme (Elektrik Ticareti S.):3 Kasım 1999