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Volume 3 of the Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz: Archetypal Symbols in Fairytales: The Maiden's Quest

The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz is a 28 volume Magnum Opus from one of the leading minds in Jungian Psychology. Volume 3 turns to the Maiden's Quest within fairytales.  The maiden/heroine navigates a complicated maze of inner and outer relationships as she builds a bridge to the unconscious. The heroine contends with the animus in many forms like a devouring and incestuous father, demonic groom, the beautiful prince, an androgenous mother, a cold dark tower, and through conflict with the evil stepmother. Dangers and pitfalls await her as the conscious feminine strives to make connections with the unconscious masculine. The maiden is the undeveloped feminine and the promised fruit of her struggle with the animus is the coniunctio. Volume 3 is a masterwork of cross-cultural scholarship, penetrating psychological insight, and a strikingly illuminating treatise. With her usual perspicacity and thoroughness, von Franz gathers countless fairytale motifs revealing a myriad of facets to the maiden's quest. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1. Bluebeard Chapter 2. The Pastor's Wife Chapter 3. The Woman Who Became A Spider Chapter 4. Sedna Chapter 5. The Girl and the Skull Chapter 6. The Two Sisters Chapter 7. Mother Holle Chapter 8. Ingebjörg and the Good Stepmother Chapter 9. The Wages of the Stepdaughter and the House Daughter Chapter 10. Little Fatima with the Moon Forehead Chapter 11. Snowflake Chapter 12. Sleeping Beauty - Little Briar Rose Chapter 13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Chapter 14. Rapunzel Chapter 15. Cinderella Chapter 16. The Magic Horse Chapter 17. Hans Wunderlich Chapter 18. Allerleirauh, All-Kinds-Of-Fur Chapter 19. The White Bride and the Black Bride Chapter 20. The Goose Girl Epilogue Bibliography Index of Authors Index of Fairytales

Volume 3 of the Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz: Archetypal Symbols in Fairytales: The Maiden's Quest:
Marie-Louise Von Franz
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