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The Complete Analects of Confucius (Vol 3)

Hailed as the most celebrated Chinese thinker, the figure of Conficius epitomizes the spirit of lifelong learning. Hence it is no surprise, that the Analects of Confucius has been made the basic textbook of Chinese education for 2000 years. In just 12,000 characters, the classic covers a wide scope ranging from politics and management to education, art and morality. The sage's sayings and dialogues with his disciples are included, making the work an indispensible material for a comprehensive study of the thoughts and person of Confucius. The Complete Analects of Confucius helps you to understand the precepts of China's foremost philosopher and rediscover Chinese core values.

yazar:Asiapac Editorial Board
Isbn 10:9812290001
Isbn 13:978-9812290007
yayınevi:Asiapac Books
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:21 x 15 x 0,7 cm
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The Complete Analects of Confucius (Vol 3):
1 Nisan 1998