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The Choice

'Eat the best, leave the rest! Remember Mother knows best.' Olivia Pritchard lives in constant fear since Mother Mason came into power. Everything from healthy eating to exercise is controlled by the government, all in the name of health and happiness. Olivia hates being dictated to, but to protect her family she must follow the rules or face a stay in the Shame Box - a transparent box in a public place for everyone to judge. After Olivia witnesses an innocent woman being violently arrested, she is no longer able to ignore the injustice. The underground rebellion 'Cut The Apron Strings' is gaining momentum and for the first time in years Olivia has a choice: keep her head down or join the fray... #CTAS #JoinTheFray

yazar:Claire Wade
Isbn 10:1409187748
Isbn 13:978-1409187745
Sayfa sayısı:400 sayfa
yayınevi:Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
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The Choice:
26 Aralık 2019