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Sinéad, the Sword and the Stone

What if you were able to draw Excalibur from the stone?From a White Ravens and IBBY Honours List winner. Conor has also been shortlisted for the American Library Association's Best Books for Young Adults awards and has won the Reading Association of Ireland's Special Merit award.Sinéad is on holiday from Ireland, visiting a castle in England. There, the famous sword Excalibur is on display and tourists flock to have their picture taken trying to pull it out of the stone. Astonishingly, when it comes to Sinéad’s turn, the sword comes free. Soon the crowds are shouting, ‘all hail Queen Sinéad!’ The Prince of England, however, is very worried about this shocking development and makes Sinéad an offer she can’t refuse. Or can she? Sinéad’s fun encounter with Merlin and Arthurian magic is also a real test of her character.

Sinéad, the Sword and the Stone:
Conor Kostick
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