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Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball

Seeking Redemption • The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball is the first and only book about the history of Skee-Ball, and the authoritative history of the game. Seeking Redemption tells a timeless story of a start-up, beginning with the unlikely inventor, Joseph Fourestier Simpson, and featuring all of the classic struggles and triumphs. It is also a story of how this beloved game of Skee-Ball survived two world wars, recessions and depressions, industry transformations, technology revolutions and legal wrangling to thrive for over 100 years. Skee-Ball morphed from its’ origins as “A Man’s Game” to becoming a fascinating game for everyone. It's continued to survive patent wars, clone competition, and the threats of bankruptcy and obscurity to emerge once again as a best selling iPhone app, and be resurrected for modern amusement venues by Bay Tek Games, Inc. redesign in 2016. This book is a treasure for history buffs as well. Meticulously researched from primary sources, lavishly illustrated with original photographs, letters, papers and documents, it allows the history to speak for itself in an engaging and readable way. Not just the story of the game, it is a unique view into the universal human struggles for redemption and recognition, and a salute to the eternal inventiveness of the human spirit. 

Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball:
Thaddeus O. Cooper Kevin B. Kreitman