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Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico

Three thousand years ago, in what is now southern Mexico, Olmec art and culture flourished. No written documents survive, but the exceptional beauty and technical brilliance of the sculpture and its seminal importance to other Mesoamerican cultures are evident in the outstanding objects examined in Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico.Specially commissioned photographs illustrate 120 magnificent pieces, which include 17 monumental sculptures from archaeological sites or Mexican museums, among them a 13-ton colossal head from San Lorenzo and the dynamic "Wrestler" from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Also featured is an extraordinary array of beautiful small-scale objects, including a unique cache of stone figurines excavated at the site of La Venta, votive axes and other implements related to human sacrifice, a ferocious-looking jade jaguar mask, and serpentine shaman transformation figures.Contributions by fourteen Olmec specialists reflect the latest Mesoamerican scholarship and represent a wide range of interpretive approaches of this fascinating subject. They discuss not only the works of art but also the many recent finds that provide remarkable insights into Mexico's most ancient culture, as well as its cultural history, cosmology, and daily life.

yazar:Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; 1. basım
Isbn 10:0810963280
Isbn 13:978-0810963283
yayınevi:Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; 1. basım
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Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico:
1 Ağustos 1996