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KS3 Maths Intervention Step 3 Workbook (Maths Frameworking)

Ensure all pupils make progress relative to their starting points with quick and early intervention at any point in KS3 or GCSE maths. Step 3 write-in workbook roughly equates to the previous national curriculum level 5. • Easy to use for one-to-one with parents/mentors/tutors/teachers/non specialists• Help all students to make progress with clear guidance and practice on the page• Developed with the Head of Maths at Colne Community College, Brightlingsea, which has recently achieved an outstanding in Ofsted and improved GCSE results year on year• Secure catch-up money with an accompanying customisable letter to send to parents, teaching assistants etc. to explain the course and help with giving feedback in the books• Slot into your timetable with hours of work specified in the contents list• Encourage pupils with the appropriate grown-up design that looks similar to main textbooks• Focus on basic skills and fluency• Show how it’s done with a worked example, then practice questions to check understanding• Traffic-light progress and confidence with the planning grid of contents• Measure progress at the end of each strand with the comments, next steps and misconceptions box to fill in• Develop fluency with short mental maths tests at the back• Celebrate progress with the certificate of achievement at the back• Use in conjunction with Collins diagnostic assessment and the rest of the Maths Frameworking course• Access answers online

yazar:Chris Pearce
Isbn 10:0007537689
Isbn 13:978-0007537686
yayınevi:Collins Educational
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:15.24 x 0.51 x 22.86 cm
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KS3 Maths Intervention Step 3 Workbook (Maths Frameworking):
9 Ocak 2014