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Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints (Fall 2021) (Set)

Influenced by the highly acclaimed Opposing Viewpoints collection, this set promotes issue awareness and critical thinking. Extremely user-friendly and accessible, it offers a wealth of information at a lower reading level in a bright, engaging package. This appealing combination helps more students grasp the controversies of our increasingly complex world to develop evidence-based opinions. Your readers will be analyzing fascinating topics, including food security, living in a surveillance era, the process of impeachment, and the executive privileges and powers of the American presidency. Features include: Fact boxes to provide students with statistical information about the topics discussed. Photographs and graphics engage readers and assist in comprehension. Guided reading and critical-thinking questions for each viewpoint assist students in understanding how viewpoint authors develop arguments.

yazar:Greenhaven Publishing
Isbn 10:1534508325
Isbn 13:978-1534508323
yayınevi:Greenhaven Publishing
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Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints (Fall 2021) (Set):
15 Ağustos 2021
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