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Holliston, Volume II

In Holliston Volume II, readers are invited to further explore the history of the city and discover the changes that Holliston has endured over the past 100 years, from the days of trolley cars running along Washington Street to the construction of Placentino Elementary School. Within these pages, take a stroll down memory lane and watch the events of the past century unfold. In over 200 images, author Joanne Hulbert and the Holliston Historical Society bring to life the photographs of Robert H. Peters, capturing Holliston's small-town charm. This remarkable visual tour will be treasured by readers of all ages for years to come.

yazar:Holliston Historical Society
Isbn 10:1531600883
Isbn 13:978-1531600884
yayınevi:Arcadia Publishing Library Editions
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Holliston, Volume II:
21 Haziran 1999