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Heading Home: Growing Up in Little League

Kid's baseball is a special time and place for kids all over America. On baseball diamonds behind schools, in the middle of cities, and in suburban parks all over the country, boys and girls from all walks of life meet to play the nation's favorite sport. Coached and encouraged by their dedicated parents, these kids enjoy the game in its purest, simplest, and most innocent form.The essence of neighborhood baseball is captured in this collection of photographs by Harry Connolly. Selected from over 5,000 images shot over five years, these beautiful duotone photographs show the unguarded emotions of the young players, their coaches, and their parents - victory, defeat, love, and most of all, pride.Best-selling novelist Stephen King introduces the photographs with a compelling essay about his own Little League experience as part-time coach and full-time scorekeeper for his son's team, which went to the Maine state championships. Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripken, Jr.'s foreword is a warm, personal account of the star's own Little League lessons, failures, and triumphs.

Isbn 10:0847818896
Isbn 13:978-0847818891
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:21.59 x 2.54 x 20.96 cm
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Heading Home: Growing Up in Little League:
15 Haziran 1995