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Gamefield Classics

Gamefield Classics brings together two preeminent talents in the world of sporting firearms. Michael McIntosh is the world’s most highly respected firearms writer; William W. Headrick stands alone at the pinnacle of firearms photography. Out of this unique collaboration comes a unique collection of stories and photos, all from the pages of Sporting Classics magazine. Here you’ll find a wide range of sporting shotguns and rifles built by an equally wide range of makers. All are classics in their own way. Some are pristine examples, others show the signs of much loving use and care. Here you’ll find history—of the makers and in some cases of the guns themselves. All have a story to tell.

yazar:Bill Headrick Michael McIntosh
Isbn 10:0977855198
Isbn 13:978-0977855193
yayınevi:Sporting Classics; Görsel: basım
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Gamefield Classics:
1 Nisan 2009
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