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Book of Tofu #: 1

The book that launched the tofu revolution is back in a beautiful new package, including over 500 tempting and original recipes from the East and West-from traditional Japanese Five-Color Sushi Rice with Tofu to heart-healthy Grilled Tofu with Korean Barbecue Sauce to hints on making your own flavored Tofu Burgers. An all-in-one reference, this book covers the production of tofu and other soy products, Asian cooking techniques and equipment, and much much more. With over 350,000 copies in print, THE BOOK OF TOFU has been hailed by the Vegetarian Times as "an awesome book about the most incredible of foods"; by the Washington Post as "a seminal work"; and by the New York Times as the book that "awakened the West to the wonders of tofu." With over 300 illustrations and an extensive bibliography, you'll never be at a loss for how to prepare this perfect vegan protein.

yazar:William Shurtleff
Isbn 10:0345351819
Isbn 13:978-0345351814
yayınevi:Ballantine Books Inc.
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:10.74 x 2.62 x 17.5 cm
Tarafından gönderildi
Book of Tofu #: 1:
12 Temmuz 1987
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