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Bohemian Style at Home

Bohemian style is characterized by free-flowing fabrics, bright colours and a multitude of clashing patterns. Heavily inspired by the 1960s and 1970s free-spirited way of life, it is one of the most versatile styles of decoration. Sometimes rule-breaking and always personal, it could be best described as a an effort to live in complete harmony with your surroundings. Forget about famous designers and carefully planned decorating schemes - boho is a style often built up over time and is the antithesis of trend-following. This handbook shows how to create a tailor-made Bohemian home. Working through the house one room at a time, it highlights classic items of furniture and signature accessories, from chandeliers and kilims to plants and lanterns. In-depth case studies demonstrate the essential elements and provide inspiration, while colour combinations are explored to help personalize this iconic style for the home. Anyone who hankers after the Bohemian look and is eager to bring it to their own home will find this book a valuable resource.

yazar:Thames & Hudson Ltd
Isbn 10:0500294984
Isbn 13:978-0500294987
Sayfa sayısı:192 sayfa
yayınevi:Thames & Hudson Ltd
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:16,7 x 1,7 x 21,3 cm
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Bohemian Style at Home:
13 Haziran 2019