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In Sika Longtooth's line of work, the potential for risk is always present no matter how simple the job. And those risks are often downwind of him-out of range for even his keen nostrils. As the young beaver ambles along the trails in the Great Forest, he has no idea that an evil force lurks in the shadows. In a time when the world is different and the creatures in the forest are close to all the mysteries, Sika is suddenly whisked away from the only life he knows and-to protect his forest-is forced into battle with a fierce enemy. Used to living within the predictable and ordinary, Sika now must move from one dangerous situation to another while in the company of a slow-talking porcupine, an excitable skunk, and two spirited squirrels. If Sika is to survive and ultimately save the Great Forest, he must first endure perils that no beaver has before. From one unexpected turn of events to the next, an unlikely hero emerges. Now he must determine who is friend and who is foe- before the forest disappears forever.

J. D. Weare
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