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Africa South of the Sahara 2022

The definitive one-volume guide to all sub-Saharan African countries, providing invaluable economic, political, statistical and directory data. General Survey Thoroughly revised and updated analytical articles written by experts on the region and covering both continent-wide and sub-regional issues. Country Surveys Individual chapters on every country incorporating: essays on the physical and social geography, recent history and economies an extensive statistical survey of economic indicators a full directory containing names, addresses and contact details for key areas such as the government, diplomatic representation, the media, finance, trade and industry, and defence a useful bibliography, providing sources for further research. Regional Information Detailed information on regional organizations; commodities; research institutes; and select bibliographies of books and periodicals.

yazar:Routledge; 51. basım
Isbn 10:0367694727
Isbn 13:978-0367694722
yayınevi:Routledge; 51. basım
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Africa South of the Sahara 2022:
28 Ekim 2021