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A Year in Sports: From the Rose Bowl to Figure Skating

Neil Leifer is a master of the art of sports photography. Among his wellknown images is a victorious Muhammad Ali having just defeated Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine, considered by many the best sports picture of all time. More than forty-five years after publishing LeiferGÇÖs first photograph in Sports Illustrated, the current editor assigned him to go on a year-long shooting spree. It was a chance for Leifer to go back in time and shoot many of the same events that he had photographed in the past. The awesome results of his coverage of thirty-two extraordinary events over the course of a year are featured in this captivating book. Included are such exciting events as the World Series, the British Open at St. Andrews, Scotland, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Daytona 500, Wimbledon, and the Tour de France. Supplementing these recent images are vintage pictures from LeiferGÇÖs archives that illustrate how sports and sports photography have changed over the decades.Award-winning sportswriter Frank Deford provides a lively, anecdotal introduction commenting on LeiferGÇÖs artistry, composition, and ability to freeze time in just the right moment. In addition, Leifer contributes a preface providing insight into his remarkable career witnessing the worldGÇÖs greatest sports competitions and also offers introductions to each monthGÇÖs celebrated events.For anyone who loves sports or great sports photography, this is a must-have book or prized gift.

A Year in Sports: From the Rose Bowl to Figure Skating:
Neil Leifer