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A Brief Introduction On Vietnam's Legal Framework

This book is intended to provide a quick overview of Vietnam’s legal framework for a person, who has no or very limited experience with Vietnamese law. After reading this book, you will have basic knowledge about: • The organisation structure of the Vietnamese Government including the Communist Party of Vietnam; • The legislation hierarchy in Vietnam; • Certain difficulties relating to Vietnamese law; • Dispute resolution in Vietnam; and • The ability to select foreign governing law for a contract signed with a Vietnamese party. ベトナム法制度についての入門書。ベトナム政府・共産党の組織構造、ベトナムにおける法律の種類及び関係、ベトナム法特有の難しさ(法律解釈及び執行)、ベトナムでの紛争解決方法、ベトナム当事者との契約における外国法選択の可否など、ベトナム法の基本的事項を掲載。

yazar:Nguyen Quang Vu
Isbn 10:1520472579
Isbn 13:978-1520472577
yayınevi:Independently published
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A Brief Introduction On Vietnam's Legal Framework:
27 Ocak 2017
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