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Yoga is an awareness of the link between breath, mind and body. The connection benefits the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing at all stages of life, but very noticeably during pregnancy. Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth offers you and your birth partner an effective, uniquely holistic technique which will help you maximise your health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond. It shows how to use yoga to give you a deeper insight into the process of pregnancy and create a yoga and breathing program which works uniquely for you and your baby. Learn a full range of adapted yoga postures intended to provide comfort, build stability and support the changes in your body. Breathing exercises will promote calm, boost vitality and help control labour pains, while yogic pelvic floor practices promote healthy tone and flexibility. And downloadable audio helps you set the pace of your breathing. Your pregnancy is a remarkable journey; learn how to use yoga to increase your comfort and control, and develop the skills to approach your labour with confidence. ABOUT THE SERIES People have been learning with Teach Yourself since 1938. With a vast range of practical, how-to guides covering language learning, lifestyle, hobbies, business, psychology and self-help, there's a Teach Yourself book for whatever you want to do. Join more than 60 million people who have reached their goals with Teach Yourself , and never stop learning.

yazar :Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
Isbn 10 :1444100971
Isbn 13 :978-1444100976
Sayfa sayısı :336 sayfa
yayınevi :Teach Yourself Books
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Boyutlar ve boyutlar :13 x 2,2 x 20 cm
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