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Even in the Advent season Mr. Holmes mustnt take a break: Murderers, blackmailers and all kinds of odd incidents keep him on the go. And Watson is not much of a help, busying himself with baking all those Christmas cookies for his dog Mr Holmes' Advent Calendar. 24 Solve-it-Yourself Christmas Crimes contains 24 short detective stories that challenge your puzzle-solving skills one for each Advent day. Follow in the famous master detectives footsteps and use the evidence available to deduce what might have happened, find vital clues, decipher codes, check alibis and solve the crime case until the next morning when you turn the page and find Mr. Holmes solution and another exciting case waiting for you.A great fun for all fans of Sherlock Holmes and criminal fiction solve the mystery and be faster than the famous detective!A great gift idea for all who love crime stories. Phileas BlogAnyone who loves to celebrate the pre-Christmas season and who enjoys the beautiful details of this time of year is well served with this Advent calendar. Literaturjunkie (Blog)The authors of the calendar have developed these little stories in an entertaining, humorous and clever way, in a suitably old-fashioned style with contemporary language and an atmospheric setting, without disregarding the playful relationship between the main characters. Erlanger Nachrichten (newspaper)

yazar Mr Holmes' Advent Calendar: 24 Solve-it-Yourself Christmas Crimes:Philip Krömer Joseph Felix Ernst Sebastian Frenzel
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