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Kitap açıklaması

Harleys are legendary and have cult status. A Harley is more than just a motorbike and this calendar is more than just a bike calendar. Freedom, endless expanses, independence driving a Harley is an experience and a special way of life.Even after more than a century the appeal of the distinctive machine with its V2 engine and unique sound is not fading. Our Harley calendar 2020 presents an exciting parade of flashing American chrome. The large bike calendar with a format of 42 x 29.7 cm is a real eye-catcher. The calendar grid is in English, German, French and Dutch is deliberately kept unobtrusive to make the wonderful photos stand out. Yet it offers sufficient space for important appointments. The varnished cover gives the A3 calendar a high-quality appeal and thanks to its wire binding it is easy to hang the calendar on the wall and turn the pages.

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