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Kitap açıklaması

GreenLine Floral Diary illustrated with beautiful leaf, cactus and fern images in delicate, natural shades of green and splashes of colour. They add charm, lightness and a touch of nature to your daily time management. The stylish and well-thought out features of this new week to view diary for 2020 makes scheduling fun. The embossed cover has a pleasant haptic and the beautifully designed book endpapers give the diary a special touch. Measuring 16 x 22cm, the Diary contains a penholder and ribbon bookmark in matching colour that quickly refers you to the latest entry. Inside the back cover is a useful pocket to stowing business cards, receipts etc. The coloured elastic band keeps the diary securely closed. The diary grid is in English, German and French and contains information on international public holidays and lunar phases. Additional year calendar give you an overview of the year as a whole. Designed with a love of detail, this 2020 Diary is a beautiful gift for your loved ones or even yourself. The GreenLine series places importance on the sustainability of its products. Therefore GreenLine Diaries use FSC paper from responsible forestry and are printed with mineral oil-free ink. To protect the environment they are not wrapped in shrink.

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