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Labrador Retrievers 2020 Diary

A faithful friend full of love and devotion, the Labrador Retriever is an intelligent, patient, and adaptable dog. Because they are so easy to train, they are also popular as search and rescue and guide dogs. Let the lovely Labs in this engagement calendar guide you through the year. BrownTrout’s Wire-O bound weekly engagement calendars display full-colour images alongside planner pages for each week of the year. The 16-month calendar (September 2019–December 2020) measures 6" x 7.75" and features a sixteen-month (September 2019–December 2020) Quick Planner, a 2020 Quick Planner, and pages for contacts, dates to remember, and notes.

yazar Labrador Retrievers 2020 Diary:BrownTrout Publishers Ltd.