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Golf Resorts: Top of the World Volume 2

Şömizli Kalın Kapak 220 Sayfa 250 mm x 320 mm With additional information on the featured golf courses, including renowned champions who have played there and the best season to play the course A thoughtful gift for golfers and lovers of luxurious hotels A comprehensive reference including numerous illustrations of golf courses If there's a golfer's heaven, we're sure it looks something like this! These splendid arrays of lush courses are set in some of the world's most spectacular locations. Along with stunning landscapes, they offer challenging layouts and unique topography. We don't promise you'll become the next Jack Nicklaus or Martin Kaymer though. Yet, whatever your skill level you'll surely appreciate the wide array of resort amenities available. Not to mention the world-class architecture and interiors. With venues ranging from the tropics to golf's ancestral home Scotland, these destinations truly do offer the best accommodations, food, and wine you'll find anywhere.

yazar:Stefan Maiwald
Isbn 10:3832796142
Isbn 13:978-3832796143
dil:İngilizce, Almanca
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:25,4 x 3,2 x 33 cm
Tarafından gönderildi Golf Resorts: Top of the World Volume 2:15 Nisan 2012