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Dolph Lundgren: Train Like an Action Hero: Be Fit Forever

Are you ready to take your exercise and fitness routine to the next level? Then take a lesson from internationally renowned action hero Dolph Lundgren. Dolph has created a personal philosophy of fitness based on martial arts, yoga, strength training, biochemical research, professional sports, and over forty starring roles in classic action films. Dolph Lundgren: Train Like an Action Hero --his autobiographical training guide--features weekly training programs, daily menu planners, guides to equipment and gear, fantastic photos from behind the scenes of Hollywood action movies, and much more! His special tips include: Briefing The reasons you need to get fit Mission Personal training and health philosophy Weaponry How to best combine strength exercise, cardiovascular, and flexibility training Special Ops Stick to your goals even while away traveling Fuel and supplies The best foods and supplements Fit forever Stay in shape for the rest of your life! With detailed exercise plans and over one hundred step-by-step photos, Dolph Lundgren: Train Like an Action Hero is the kickass guide to building a body that will look great and make you feel even better--forever.

yazar:Dolph Lundgren
Isbn 10:1510728988
Isbn 13:978-1510728981
Sayfa sayısı:192 sayfa
yayınevi:Sky Pony Press
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:19 x 1,8 x 26 cm
Tarafından gönderildi Dolph Lundgren: Train Like an Action Hero: Be Fit Forever:2 Ocak 2018