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2019 Azuleojos Diary - teNeues Large Magneto Diary - 16 x 22 cm

Azulejos - this is the name given to the colourfully painted Spanish and Portuguese ceramic tiles. The geometric and at the same time vitalizing forms convey balance without appearing boring. Let the southern ambience influence you and plan and organize your appointments with a little 'siesta'. As well as stylish design, this Magneto Diary has a variety of features including magnetic closure, 8 interior images, a ribbon bookmark and a sturdy pocket for receipts, business cards etc at the back. The diary is a week to view on each page and its grid is in 6 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Dutch). Measures 16 x 22 cm. The grid runs for 14 months, taking you from December 2018 till January 2020. Perfect for organising yourself or as a gift for someone else!

yazar 2019 Azuleojos Diary - teNeues Large Magneto Diary - 16 x 22 cm:teNeues Calendars & Stationery